Patty Gray taught at the university level for over 20 years: as a postgraduate student at the University of Wisconsin Madison and Southern Illinois University Carbondale; as an adjunct at Central Missouri State University; as a faculty member at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and the Maynooth University of Ireland; and as a Lecturer at University of the Pacific. She has guest lectured at the European University at St. Petersburg, Russia;  Université Lumière Lyon 2, France; and Penn State University.

Subjects Taught

Postgraduate Undergraduate
Anthropological Theory
Anthropological Ethics
Political Economy
Development and The Gift
Gender and Development
Anthropological Research and Writing
Economic Anthropology
Charity and Aid
Ethnographies of Postsocialism
Anthropology of Religion
Area Studies: Russia
Environmental Studies
Sustainable Gardening

Postdoctoral Advising

2014-16 Scientist-in-Charge, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Intra-European Fellowship, Supervising Polish scholar Elżbieta Drążkiewicz-Grodzicka on her project COMECONDAID “The Second World in the Third: Polish Aid to Sudan and Nigeria from COMECON to EU Accession”.
2003-04 Official Academic Advisor to Dr. Tatiana Bulgakova, ACTR/ACCELS Junior Faculty Development Program visiting scholar from St. Petersburg, Russia.

PhD Students

PhD Dissertation Supervisor (Maynooth University of Ireland):

  • Tatiana Vagramenko, Religious Conversion and Nenets Bricolage: Making Modernity in the Polar Ural Tundra (fieldwork in Russia) (viva January 2014)

PhD Dissertation Committee Memberships (University of Alaska Fairbanks):

  • Medeia Csoba DeHass, Russian Orthodoxy, Religious Syncretism, and Ethnic Identity among the Alutiit of the Kenai Peninsula (PhD 2009)
  • Tobias Holzlehner, Shadow Networks: Border Economies, Informal Markets and Organized Crime in Vladivostok and the Russian Far East (PhD 2006)
  • Michael Koskey, Cultural Activity and Market Enterprise: A Circumpolar Comparison of Reindeer Herding Communities at the End of the Twentieth Century (PhD 2003)

Additional Student Supervisions (Ireland and Alaska)

MA Thesis Supervisor: 15 MA theses, fieldwork undertaken in Croatia, Ethiopia, Ireland, Mexico, Northern Ireland, Norway, Russia.

BA Thesis Supervisor: 14 BA theses, fieldwork undertaken in Finland, Germany, Ghana, India, Ireland, Romania; 4 were William Wilde Prize winners and subsequently published in the Irish Journal of Anthropology; one was published in Anthropology of East Europe Review.